A Christmas decoration with a prosthetic leg to raise money for wounded veterans.


Every Christmas we see the same Nutcracker style soldiers as ornaments and on trees in their smart uniforms and shiny boots. It’s easy to forget the sacrifices made by so many at this time of year.


Our Decorated Heroes decoration physically brought home the reality of war serving as both a reminder and a tribute to those affected.


We single-handedly launched the project in just 10 days. We built a brand and a business, found a client, 3D designed and printed masters to make moulds from. Found a small workshop and began casting them in Lead-free Pewter. We (Sean) then hand-painted every single one. 

We hand painted one half, and 18K Gold plated the other half.

People seemed to love them...

It also got some nice publicity...


We made over £2.5K, and gave 100% of the profits to The Pilgrim Bandits wounded war veteran charity.

We're planning to replicate the success on a much bigger scale next year.