We’re Josh and Sean. 

We're an award-winning creative team. 

When we're not making ads, we're in the kitchen making, Vegan Pig - the world's first vegan pork scratching.


Josh is the wordy one. Sean is the arty one. 


Josh once went to every round of the FA cup, wrote a blog and got featured in national press. 


Sean was one of the Hufflepuff kids in Harry Potter. Seriously. 


He also once built a paintball course in the woods behind his house, the first night they tried it out no one saw each other for about 5 hours. 

Between us we’ve had stints at Mother, Brothers & Sisters, BBC Creative, Martin Agency, Y&R London, Gravity Road, TBWA and Engine. We're currently at Dark Horses. 


And worked on winning pitches for UKTV, Cancer Research Race for Life, Carphone Warehouse, THINK!, Nestle and TUI.