We’re Josh and Sean. 

We're an award-winning creative team - who also happened to start up a vegan pork scratching buisness. 


Josh is the wordy one. Sean is the arty one.


Sean has his own pants company. Yeah, he sells pants. 


Josh once went to every round of the FA cup, wrote a blog and got featured in national press. 


Sean was one of the Hufflepuff kids in Harry Potter. Seriously. 


Josh got kicked out of so many classes at college he had to take a secretary course. So now he touch types like a boss.


Sean once built a paintball course in the woods behind his house, the first night they tried it out no one saw each other for about 5 hours. Not cool. 

Between us we’ve had stints at Mother, Brothers & Sisters, BBC Creative, Martin Agency, Y&R London, Gravity Road, TBWA and WCRS. We're currently at Dark Horses. 


And worked on winning pitches for UKTV, Cancer Research Race for Life, Carphone Warehouse, THINK!, Nestle and TUI.