IDEA: Hawaiian shirts printed from your Instagram feed when you save money online. Save Money, Feel Epic.

CLIENT: UKTV (Pitch Win)

IDEA: To raise awareness for the arrival of the tv show 'Suits' in the UK. We proposed to plaster Canary Wharf's iconic skyscrapers with demolition notices to make way for the new HQ of 'Pearson Hardman' the law firm from the show.


IDEA: To bring home the ridiculous state of the British rail network we're working on a limited run of Hornby style traditional railway sets for a Southern Rail station. We're currently working with a railway model company to find the best way of making a model kit with no train, 300 pissed off figures and a bit of platform.

If you’re hauling ass on your Harley and a bug hits your sunnies, it can shatter the lenses – which is pretty dangerous.

So we came up with this idea to advertise shatterproof eyewear. We presented it to Harley-Davidson and they didn't buy it. The shitbags.